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How it works:

The electric vehicle works by charging a battery that stores energy to be used by the vehicle's engine. There are also hybrid vehicles, that is, with electric motors and combustion engines.

The autonomy of the electric vehicle depends on the capacity of the batteries, the power of the engine, the route taken and the driving style. Charging time depends on your battery storage capacity and the power that is available from the charging point.

Zero emissions:

It's true, and the fact that they do not emit gases makes them environmentally friendly, this is perhaps the great advantage of electric cars.

Concerns about CO2 emissions have been increasing, and proof of this can be found in the sales volume of this type of vehicle. It should be remembered that, currently, in Europe, the circulation of combustion vehicles in some city centers is already beginning to be restricted.

Anyone who owns an electric vehicle knows that headaches with oil changes or brakes are not what they used to be. In electric cars, brakes, filters, belts or other parts do not wear out as quickly as in a traditional vehicle, so maintenance costs will also be lower...

ev.charge solution


Management platform

EDP Comercial provides exclusive features for companies in the EV.CHARGE solution. The integration of the EV.CHARGE solution with the charging equipment (with available powers between 3.7kVA and 50kW) allows the fleet manager access to a consumption, tariff and user management platform.

The company can define the amount that users pay for the energy consumed at the charging point(s). And EV employees and EV users use the EV.CHARGE mobile app* to start and stop charging sessions.


Charging solution on the public electric mobility network

  • MONETIZE YOUR SPACE - Refund of the OPC Fee

  • MAINTENANCE INCLUDED - Operation and maintenance of the station is the responsibility of EDP Comercial


  • Service option without an initial investment


  • Access via CEME card

  • Any electric vehicle user with a CEME card can use their equipment.

  • The energy tariff paid by the electric vehicle user is the one contracted with his CEME.

mobi.e solution
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